Saturday, January 23, 2016

LIFE and TIMES of the GOOD and BLESSED !

There's been a flurry of bad news every where you turn these days. Everything from business to social news is negative. 

This writing here intends to change that pessimistic view.

How does one do that? 
Being Thankful for the seemingly mundane & obvious things we take for granted is one way! 

I for one am extremely grateful to be living in Melaka, Malaysia today. 

I say this with no political prejudice whatsoever, as I am able to enjoy much happiness and technological innovations which would have no doubt, brought countless minutes and hours of joy to my predecessors and brethren of just a generation ago, was it available to them, then.

I dare say, no man living in this age and time has any idea of the immense benefits of science and tech that has been showered upon us (if compared to the humdrum lives of my father's father -maybe 60-70 years ago)?   I wonder how many realize that 2016 is the 90th anniversary of the very FIRST demonstration of a Television in the world!

Reading back the archived pages of the S'pore NST (New Straits Times) of 1943 for example, gives stark comprehension to the reader of the immensity of our society's development (in all terms) within these past 72 over years.

First and foremost, life was only in BLACK and WHITE in print or otherwise.   Can any young person today, imagine life without color?     

Dull, isn't it?

Travel and its associated travails.
Would any today, marvel at the types of personal transportation available to the general public and persons of means? 

We take it for granted that getting from point A to point B as a matter of privilege and fuss free of traffic related obstructions within minutes or hours.

I wonder, at what other point in human history was society able to move so many at so fast a speed? 

Looking at the narrow roads in Heeren Street and Jonker Street that were specifically built for the horse and bullock carts of yester-year brings to mind the simplicity of those forever gone era.

Buses, Trains, Taxis regularly travel at speeds that were unfathomable just a  few generation ago. 

I was nicely dozing off recently in a Swedish made car that was travelling between 145km to 175km from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka driven by a 60 year old. It was an uncommonly steady and comfortable ride, I tell you.

The amount of new and fusion food that the current day chefs in restaurants all over Melaka make is enormously gratifying to jalan-jalan cari makan guys like me. In Melaka, the international offerings where food is concerned is mouth watering and vast. Just open any of the free, colorful and thick adverts that are thrown unto our doorsteps weekly and you will see what I mean. Walk into any of the 12 super/hyper markets in the city and your sense of smell and sight will automatically gravitate you towards the nearest eatery should you be hungry, all within affordable prices. African,Italian, French, Korean, and Arabian Cuisine opportunities abound in this fair city of ours. 

This is of course on top of the veritable smorgasbord of Authentic Malaccan Fusion Food such as NYONYA, MELAKA CHETTI, PORTUGIS,DUTCH, BENGGOLI, PUNJABI, JAVANESE, MINANGKABAU, and MEDAN cookings available through mom and pop eateries!

Air  Travel.
Malaccans can easily access Batu Berendam Airport to charter a flight to Ipoh or even Medan easily.No comment needed here as Malindo Air, Air Asia  and now Rayani  Air has managed to lower the cost of travel so much that visiting Guang Zhou in China (Rm 199) is like going to Ipoh 30 years ago. ( 7 hours from Melaka by the old roads). Even Malaysian Airlines is now forced to compete for that section of travelers with the slew of other budget airlines! Oh, Joy !

The world is the oyster for the fashionable and the fashion conscious. 
Melaka is now home to great Shopping with  more than a Million Square Feet of specialized outlets such as Hatten Shopping Centre in Dataran Pahlawan, Mahkota Parade, and  FREEPORT A FAMOSA in Alor Gajah enticing all and sundry to avail their  money to its enticing wares.  

The Shore shopping mall in the center of Melaka has a beautiful TANGS fashion outlet.  
To those couch potatoes, from Batik to Leather, what used to cost an arm and a leg is now, thanks to industrialization on offer and yearly cheap sale, made available to us easily.  

Today in Asia ,should we wish it,we can even easily source a Samsonite Travelling bag capable of enclosing a whole week's supply of clothes for a measly RM 175.00 in Tochigi, Japan, or bid for any antique wardrobe/clothes we desire through the open bids by any number of conservators in Greece and London (  thanks to our access to broadband and fast delivery services!

Then there is the Granddaddy of all inventions-
The Internet.
Suddenly with the internet the world and worldly knowledge seems nearer and achievable.
With Skype,Whats App and We Chat we don't even have a need for fixed phone lines!   
Apps that download Scanners & 3D printing software are easily available as household gadgets at very affordable prices. I can just as easily purchase from a small boutique in Milan the exact type of men's shoes that I require today with not an ounce of worry or effort as I would driving down to the nearest local shopping center!

Even doing business from the home (SOHO) is now conceivable with the internet, not to mention business system busting apps that allow us the freedom to work and earn for ourselves such as GRAB TAXI, UBER, Air BnB etc.

Incredible. It boggles the mind what the next 30 years of technological advancement will bring us.  
We seem to be an implausible people in a improbable universe and therein lies my conundrum.  

Here in Melaka, Malaysia the safety, security and access to wonderful opportunities that our life and times provide us is truly magnificent.   I believe many mainly take for granted what we see and do not comprehend the gravity of our enjoyment.

Petty worries, emotional baggage of envy, lust and sloth trouble us just as it has for generations before even with all the wonderful toys life has available for us today.

Even as I write this , my hand phone is blaring away loudly from the living room a selected piece of music that I personally selected and enjoy, and anyone who calls me can be assured of an answer without me needing to run to the phone as it is Wi Fi connected to me via an earphone. 

How whack is that?

It is my belief Gratitude is the word and deed that is missing from many  vocabulary and actions. We ignore at our peril this knowledge as resentment follows us easily when we do not receive what we think we deserve and the rest is one long fall into the valley of desolate despair and ruin as we blame everybody and everything else our troubles. 

Scribed By: Gunabalan VGBS

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