Restoran Sri Taman Tasik Utama, Sendayan.

Entrepreneur extrodinai're and M.T.A. former Treasurer, restaurant owner Tn.Hj Moidu and partner Tn.Bakar's latest addition to their coterie of Indian Muslim restaurants is right smack in the commercial and training center of Bandar Sri Sendayan which is recognized as a first-class township in Seremban.  Their latest branch- Restoran Sri Tasik Utama is a haven of good halal food and drinks for the community in Sendayan.

Located within the Greater Klang Valley Conurbation in Seremban on 5,233 acres of freehold land, Bandar Sri Sendayan was planned and designed with one thing in mind, comfortable living and what is comfort without food. 

Mutton Curry

As such we  arrived  one fine Thursday afternoon to check it out-- and was pleasantly surprised, the food was fresh, tasty and inexpensive--nice lunch location with enough  fresh fruit drinks and vegetarian items, good tea and atmosphere

And so, after the food testing session , we were assured that too is available here as fast, clean and hospitable  service plus great tasting food are the cornerstone of this yummy restaurant's offerings!

Our group was served their mouth watering Briyani, Mutton curry; Rojak Pasembur; complimented with gernerous servings of  Chicken and Fish curry. The Basmathi briyani rice was smooth and tasty, the  fried chicken fragrant and  tender, and the fresh fruit juices excellent .

All in all, a wonderful session with a restaurant that has good ambiance and easy access, great tasting food and good pricing.

Rojak Pasembur

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