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MTA supports Global Tourism City Conference 2016

 Global Tourism City Conference 2016
Date: 10 - 11 May 2016
Venue: Pullman Hotel. Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar, Malaysia

The Global Tourism Cities Conference 2016 is an international event conceptualized to provide a conduit for the pan-Asian tourism experts, policy makers and captains of industry to converge and discuss a wide spectrum of issues in the development of sustainable urban tourism, share success stories and frameworks from the region.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Good Morning! Freeport A'Famosa Outlet welcomes you!

 Melinda Looi will be having an EMEL promotion and will have a price Final Markdown RM 150 on ALL items! Drop by here at Freeport A'Famosa Outlet!

Feeling hungry? Have you taken your brunch yet?
 Get your scrumpalicious meal here at Freeport A'Famosa Outlet Welkom Food Court! 
Here you can get a wide variety of Western, Arab and Asian cuisine at affordable prices.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

promotional updates on food and beverage in La Bodega Malacca for the month of April 2016

Greetings from Gastrodome Group!
Gastrodome was established with a mission to delight customers with an authentic European dining experience all the time.  Below are the promotion updates on food and beverage in La Bodega Malacca for the month of April 2016 to be shared with the members of Malacca Tourism Association and also to be included into your website and Facebook page

Please also find attached the photos to go along with the promotions. 

Barton & Gustier Merlot Reserva

Barton & Gustier (Sauvignon Blanc)

Tapas-Calamare En Su Tinta

Tapas-Tortilla de Bacalao

La Bodega
Wine of the month (Available at all La Bodega Outlets)
Featured wines of the month are as below, priced at RM28+ per glass and  RM138+ per bottle

Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, 2007, South West, France
Description – Intense, fresh, developing strong citrus and grapefruit. It has a clean and a pleasant refreshing aftertaste.

Reserve Merlot, 2007, Languedoc Roussillon, France
Description – The nose is intense and elegant, with aromas of ripe red fruit including raspberry and strawberry with slightly toasted notes.  

Tapas of the Month – San Sebastian (Available at all La Bodega outlets)
Tortilla de Bacalao – Cod fish omelette with piquillo pepper
Price: RM10+

Calamares En Su Tinta – Squid in ink sauce served with rice
Price: RM18+

Sunday Paella
Every Sunday, 12pm to 3pm
Catch our chefs in action as they whip up humongous pans of steaming paella. Enjoy a plate of Paella with unlimited servings of Sangria and Tiojito every Sunday for only RM38+ from 12pm-3pm. Available at all La Bodega outlets, except La Bodega Pavilion KL.

La Bodega Big Breakfast Special (only in La Bodega Malacca)
Two farm fresh eggs, breakfast chicken sausage, beef bacon, grilled tomato, baked beans, has brown, sautéed mushrooms & a slice of toast with coffee of tea. Available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm at RM20+

Weekday Set Lunch(only in La Bodega Malacca)
1 Appetizer, 1 Main, Dessert and Soft Drink for RM20+
Every Monday to Friday from 12pm to 4pm

Have a good week ahead!

THE PINES MELAKA -April 2016 promotions

It's never too early to start planning for Mother's Day. Treat the Queen of your heart to something special at THE PINES MELAKA. #mothersday

Do people mistake you and your mom for sisters? Do you frequently hear remarks like “You are a carbon copy of your mom?"

If strangers comment on the striking resemblance between you and your mom join our Mother & Daughter look-alike contest and stand a chance to win 2 Mother's Day high-tea vouchers.

Terms and conditions:
- Eligible contestants must Like us at
- Post a mother and daughter photo on our page with a caption.
- Other terms (if any) are determined by the organizer of the contest.
- Winner will be determined based on number of most likes.
- Closing date 29th April 2016.

                                                                        Entertain and be festive!

                                                               Gastronomic Alert!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Public Announcements




Sourced from one of the best bands in the region, 
T Rex will be performing daily except Mondays. 
Free Entrance before 10pm
Tuesdays to Thursdays 
Sundays 9.30pm 
Fridays and Saturdays

Amari Villa, Bayou Lagoon Park Resort,promotion

Selera Rampai Ramadhan Buffet by Bayou Lagoon Park Resort

  • Kindly be informed Selera Rampai Ramadhan Buffet by Bayou Lagoon Park Resort is ready to kick off with 30% discount per pax for purchase before 1 June 2016.
  • Do check out the attached flyer for more details.
  • Should you have further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at 06-2330 888 or    

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Kim Mei Ee
Senior Marcom Executive
Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Sdn. Bhd.
Amari Villa, Bayou Lagoon Park Resort, 
Jalan Wakaf Utama,

75450 Bukit Katil, Melaka, Malaysia
Tel        606 2330 888
Fax       606 2533 888
Mobile 013 2868 723
Mobile & Whatapps 016-248 3255

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Melaka Historical Day Promotion At Bistro Year 1673 & Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort, Melaka.

 The Hospitality Group and would like to share our Melaka Historical Day Promo as below  :-

Melaka Historical Day Promo.
·         Valid for Melaka citizens ONLY on 15 April 2016 (Friday)
·         20% discount for entrance ticket to Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort, Melaka Bird Park, Melaka Zoo & Night Safari and Wildlife Theatre Melaka
·         10% discount for Food & Beverage at Bistro Year 1673 & RC Hotel with minimum RM50 in single receipt
·         Customers need to produce NRIC with the middle NIRC number ‘04’
·         Discount is not valid with any in house & ongoing promotion

Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh -General Health Check-up Package

Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh will be promoting its General Health Check-up Package, in conjunction with World Health Day & Melaka Historical City Day celebration, until 6 July 2016. 

The RM258 package includes a thorough physical examination and report, a comprehensive blood, liver & renal test, a chest x-ray, an ECG and two cancer tests-CEA & AFP.

In addition, for men above 50-year-of-age, the above tests apply, including a prostate cancer test (PSA) for only RM278.

For further details, please contact our Health Screening Centre at 
06-231 9999 ext. 2130.

*Price is excluding 6% GST

Karnival udara Antarabangsa Melaka (16/04/2016)


By: Gunabalan VGBS

with the price of Oil becoming cheaper in global trade by the day, combined with the effect of the Ringgit losing value against other currencies, there is a fear of high inflationary effects affecting normal household budget for most goods sourced from overseas as consumers labor under increased duress of low discretionary income.

For the longest time, the world was worrying about peak oil. This resulted in the price of a barrel of crude oil hitting USD 110/- a barrel in late 2013. However, new fracking technology from the US of A changed these fears overnight. The US of A was at one point in time the largest importer of oil and coal in the world.

Today though, we now hear talk of an overabundance of OIL supplies worldwide with the US becoming the leading exporter of oil, due to these FRACKING ability!

When we talk about peak oil, I say, in developed countries they have probably hit peak stuff. 

I’d say we’ve hit peak red meat, peak sugar, peak stuff… peak home furnishings."The average western consumers'’ home is bulging with all the materials and goods it needs, in my contention.

Hence, global furniture producers like Ikea needs a cleverer marketing ploy to whet its western consumers appetite– helping them recycle what they have, for instance. (The Belgians have made 2nd hand goods and recycling the most fashionable "in thing" to do amongst the fashion and trendy gen Y age groups).

These days in Europe, whether more is always the answer is being questioned, not by environmental think tanks only, but by the consumer market itself.

Only in developing African and Asian countries have consumers the capacity to want more, but as most economists have accepted, for that to happen, these countries need higher buying power, which in turn rests on the global distribution of income and wealth being fairer.
There is also the question of how much longer unfair rewards and low pay systems can be tolerated. 

The best capitalists have always known that unequal societies are not good for business – this was one of the reasons Henry Ford wanted to pay his workers well. It’s a lesson many should heed today. 

Hence also, the need for the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreements foisted on us.

Heavens to Murgertroid!

The mouse’s have turned and are now demanding equitable living systems from their governments. Which in turn, means that the Central Banks and Economists will be corralled to find an answer. 

Unfortunately, Economists are ill equipped to address such phenomena. 

Faltering growth in consumer demand in all countries is understood wholly in traditional economic terms: The story is that consumers are indebted and uncertain; they lack confidence and want to rebuild their savings. 

Most rightwing, anti-state economists would peddle tax cuts as the universal panacea. Like Pavlov’s dog, they think consumers will flock back to the shops once they are emboldened by a tax cut.

Historically, it’s been proven that there would be some increase in consumer spending in following these previously successful financial modules, but as the recent Q.E. exercise in the US has shown, far less than there used to be.

More fundamental forces are holding back spending. 

There is a quest for meaning, aided and abetted by the knowledge and information revolutions, that is not answered by traditionally scale-produced goods and services. 

Economist Tomas Sedlacek, who has won an international following for his book Economics of Good and Evil, insists that contemporary societies have become slaves to a defunct econometric view of the world.

When early modern societies were poorer, it was reasonable for Keynesian economics to focus on how to produce more stuff – that was what societies wanted. 

Now, the question before us is more Aristotelian: how to live a happy life – or “humanomics”, as Sedlacek calls it. 

Aristotle was clear: happiness results from deploying our human intelligence to act creatively on nature. To inquire and successfully to quest for understanding is the root of happiness.

Yet most people today, says Sedlacek, work in jobs they do not much like, to buy goods they do not much value – the opposite of any idea of the good life, Aristotelian or otherwise. 

What we want is purpose and a sense of continual self-betterment, which is not served by buying another iPhone, wardrobe or a kitchen.

Yet purpose and betterment need a social context :   purpose is a shared endeavor and self-betterment is to act on the world better with others. An individualistic society such as our own makes it much harder to find others with whom to make common cause.

I am beginning to wonder if one of the factors that drive the ever-upward movement of house prices is that owning your home might be that rare material possession that begins to answer the question of who you are, or at least offers a platform to begin the happiness quest. (In a manner of speaking, having the respect of your peers -in part due to Home Ownership gives you the confidence to move on to bigger & better social endeavors).

Furthermore, it is a good financial investment to boot.

In these circumstances, if servicing the mortgage takes more than half of your disposable income, so what?

We just buy less stuff until our financial situation improves. 
I believe the word here is : delayed gratification.

Interestingly, home ownership and housing conditions don’t figure much in the varying academic and think tank attempts to understand and measure happiness and satisfaction.

The New Economics Foundation has developed a matrix of five key performance measures to get beyond indicators of “stuff” such as GDP: job quality, well being, health, environment and fairness. 

You can quibble with what is in the categories (housing only figures marginally in the well being category, for example) but not with the attempt to address the hunger for meaning.

Living in an unfair society is psychologically hurtful; air quality does matter; a workplace where you are respected counts; acting pre-emptively to stay healthy makes sense; life satisfaction is what it is all about. These are the categories we should measure and track.

They also reflect changes in the market. Big Governments and GLC’s that employ thousands of workers are not alone in facing these predicaments.

The dynamic areas of the economy are in customized micro-production; caring/mentoring/teaching to enhance well being and capability; health; sustainability in its widest sense – all enabled by digitization.

This is not a world in which goods and services are produced at scale as conventionally measured, but a honeycomb economy of niches and information networks whose new dynamics we barely understand, even if we have a better grasp of its values.

They are deeply human. Kampung based,even.

A better world is struggling to emerge; if we understood it better it would emerge even faster.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Basic Dietary Consultation Package for outpatient At Mahkota Medical Centre, Melaka

Please be informed that Mahkota Medical Centre is having a promotion for Basic Dietary Consultation Package for outpatient at RM80.00  from 1-4-2016 to  31-5-2016.

Those interested please refer to the attached the poster for more details.  Please contact them at
06-285 2999 Ext 3302/6352 if you have any enquiry.

New service: Bone Densitometry at Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh

Dear all,

We have installed the Hologic Discovery Wi Bone Densitometer complete with the latest Apex software to evaluate your bone health and also provide body composition analysis to evaluate your fat percentage. 
We are offering a promotional rate at RM90. The promotion will end on 30 April 2016.

A bone mineral density (BMD) test is the best way to determine your bone health. The test can identify osteoporosis, determine your risk for fractures, and measure your response to osteoporosis treatment. It can also measure bone density at your hip and spine.

Get your screening done today!

For further details, please contact our Imaging Department at 06-231 9999 ext 2004/2020/2044.

Attached is the flyer for your reference.

Thank you and best regards.

Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh
Ng Yin Shin
Marketing Executive
Tel No: 606-232 1782 / 232 0072
Fax No: 606-231 9155

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