MTA's 33rd Annual General Meeting 2016

Today, we are proudly entering our thirty third Annual General Meeting of the Malacca Tourism Association. 
We recognize that tourism in Malacca is booming aggressively and look forward to playing a steering role in promoting our members ideals and business.
MTA is a representation that has the membership strength of more than 87 tourism
players, businesses and organizations in Malacca  which includes travel agents, hotels, theme parks, restaurants, and economic development agencies within the city’s 12 sub sectors that is involved in our Tourism Service and Industry. 

The 33rd Annual General Meeting of the Persatuan Pelancongan Negeri Melaka was held on Friday,  29th April, 2016 at 5.30 p.m. at Equatorial Hotel, Melaka

After another successful year, the Malacca Tourism Association (MTA)Executive Council members are again gearing up to continue their energetic support for the development of the state’s tourism industry in 2016/2018  
As the Malacca TA enters its early thirties, it is with much pride that we acknowledge the Malacca State government’s recognition of the association’s significant achievements in the promise of supporting & promoting our 753-year old historical city tourism efforts. 
At our 31st Annual General Meeting the keynote address given by Datuk Ghazale clearly stated the appreciation and recognition the Syaye has for our efforts .
The Tourism related and services sector business community in Melaka look forward to complementing our administrations plans and implementations for higher tourist numbers to visit our fair city.
We are geared towards a win –win situation in moving forward with the state in projecting Melaka as the key destination for tourism in Malaysia.” said Madelina Kuah, President Elect of MTA 2016/2018
The past, present and future efforts of our steering committee is always geared to assisting our members.

To enhance the Association’s professional and international image, MTA has established long term tourism cooperation relationship with many foreign tourism boards/ organizations in ASEAN  e.g  Thailand, Macao & Indonesia.
We submit our work relationship with the Ministry Of Tourism, Tourism Malaysia in the promotion and development of Melaka tourism is good and has helped our members at the association level.

Our association has also helped our members to participate in the state tourism departments travel fairs to create trading platform for the tourism industry peer’s and consumers to promote and enhance the association members business  in their respectively industries.

With the support and encouragements given to us so far & due supports from government agencies we, (through our members) shall further strengthen the influx of tourists to Melaka.  

The successful conduct of our 33rd AGM was followed by Dinner attended in full by all members.

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