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Gunabalan Writes: These are troubling times.

Gunabalan Writes:          

These are troubling times.
Not just here in Malaysia but around the world. Economically, Politically, Culturally & Socially the people in the world seems to be at odds both ideologically and spiritually with each other.  

In our case, We seem to be a nation adrift without steering and at a loss as a people these past decades.

 Those that can see the direction they think the nation is heading towards are up in arms against those who think all is well and nothing is wrong.

 Both groups seems to want the same results which is a better future for themselves and their kith and kin, but cannot agree on which road will lead them there.    
"Cogito ergo sum" (I think therefore I am)-  said Descartes in his book Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason and Seeking Truth in the Sciences, published in 1637, as a prelude to explain the absurdity that he saw in the French Society of his times.

Using rationality as the precursor to analytics and premeditating on the troubles on his society then, a distinct similarity in events unfolding then and here in Malaysia now can be ascertained.      
The troubles beguiling societies have always been that the FEW planned and Thought for the Many..... as Thinking for oneself seemed too difficult for the masses.

So, in theory most people lived by reciting the Dogma of both Leadership and Society ie Live, Work, & Obey in that order, for a good life.      
But these rules rely on concept of a Good Leadership, Caring Society and Morally upright Individuals who become models of Behaviour for that society to follow.

When any of these changes, those rules and their rationality becomes skewered.

 Existentialism philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre outlined his philosophy on how to find meaning in your life,
in 4 easy steps:

Existence precedes essence

Know that you exist first as a ‘blank’, without essence.

You do not possess any inherent identity or value.

You are an individual, capable of independent acting and responsibility.

Through your consciousness, you create your own values, and determine a meaning for your life.            
The World View:

that there is no inherent meaning in the world.

The world is amoral, unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of whatever.

That is why you find many things in the world befuddlingly absurd.    
It’s for you to give the world meaning.      
As such, taking the management view of these troubling days here in essence is the source of our present day concerns---

In essence the clash between cultures and people we are seeing today in our society originated from the difference in wants and fear between the different religious and liberal groups and their world view.      
One group allows their Political & Religious Leaders to think for them and the other group prefers to dwell on the own Thinking Ability.

 As a group and people, We in this society need to ascertain their motives in diverting us from the notion that we ALL deserve a better life and cherished Future.


Anything short of those Goals should not be entertained or discussed.

Simply because these are the incendiary episodes that divide a nation and its people.

A Nation divided is a nation in loss.

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