Wednesday, September 27, 2017

MTA Members Familiarisation Trip To Sungai Melaka courtesy of Sungai CEO Nazary

MTA Familiarisation Trip to Sungai Melaka courtesy of CEO Nazary

MTA/Perbadanan Pembangunan Sungai dan Pantai Melaka Familiarisation Programme

The MTA Fam programme is organised with the support from our members, friends and supporters. Initiated by Perbadanan Sungai Melaka CEO Nazary, it is part of MTA's promotional strategy to create greater awareness of Melaka tourism products and tourist destination magnet amongst our members.

Its main objective is to offer participating member a personal experience of the myriad attractions, tourist destinations, and products and services in Melaka within our membership roll;  in order to help develop tour packages and generate publicity on the available members tourism products as a preferred destination for leisure and business.

As a result of the MTA Fam Programme, we received positive  feed back and likes from the 40 pax of our participating members who took the time and effort to join us.

Many Thanks is also given to Perbadanan Pembangunan Sungai dan Pantai Melaka for the Dinner Treat in Restoran Melayu Melaka that followed our excursion.

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