Friday, March 23, 2018

马六甲水族馆(The Shore Oceanarium Melaka)

Package Option
  • Adult: RM28 per pax instead of RM35
  • Child (Aged 3 - 12, above 90cm): RM20 per pax instead of RM25

Visiting Period: 17 May - 14 June 2018

Operating Hours
  • Daily: 10:30AM - 9:00PM (Last Admission: 8:00PM)

About Us
The Shore Oceanarium is the New Premier Tourist Attraction in Melaka. It is located at 2nd floor of The Shore Shopping Gallery, right in the heart of the historical city of Melaka, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia. An extraordinary interactive journey to learn the earth ecosystem and allow you to discover creatures from land to the sea. The Oceanarium aquarium basically divided into few sections:

Interactive Touch Pool
Where venture most touchable pool in Asia where you can feel the skin of star fish, sea cucumber, sea urchin and even the bamboo shark, even the Jellyfishes.

Jungle Quest
Where people can learn more about the reptile, snake, frog, butterfly, Insects and other small animal such as hedgehog etc.

Ocean Journey
Was the main section of the Oceanarium where it further divide into few subsection: Oceanarium Theater, Shark Quest, Sea Shell Museum, Marine Fishes & coral exhibits.

River Story
Learn all about the river ecosystem around the world which exhibits the different species of fish native in the different river region: Indian River, Chinese Mountain Stream, Australian River, Lake Malawi & etc. The bigger subsection here was the Malaysia Ecosystem, where the fish species native in our country will be exhibit here.

Dangerous Marine Species
Educate the people about the dangerous species marine fishes.

Living Fossil
Pleased to present an exhibition of marine life creatures, whose ancestors first appeared on our planet millions of years ago. Their ancestors have defied the ravages of time and the environmental upheavals that drove other species to extinction. Such as Nautilus, horseshoe crab, Paddle fish. After the Living Fossil it is follow by walking frogfish, boxfish, seahorse, pipe fish, and jellyfish & etc. exhibit in Fun & Freakish section.

Fish Feeding Frenzy​
Lastly was the sea turtle exhibit in Fish Feeding Frenzy where The Shore Oceanarium cooperate with Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia to educate & create awareness on protection of sea turtle.

Magic Aquarium
In the interactive zone we equipped the First in the Malaysia “Magical Vacuum Aquarium/MVA Aquarium”.

Cinema 3D (8 in 1)
It taking the learning journey to the next dimension. With 3-D glasses you will able to have “Like Real Vision” of different place, species. Such as you can see the Mangrove Tree in Malacca River, Pahang Rainforest, and Sungai Perak in 3D, fossil stone in 3D & some extinct fish species in 3D light board display. Our awesome 3d movie A Turtle’s Adventure now played in new upgraded Cinema 3D Plus Movie Theater with 8 in 1 Special Effect: Wind Effect, Rain Effect, Lightning, Bubble Effect, Leg, Vibration and Fog Effect.

Augmented Reality Hall
Now where visitor can photo & video shoot underwater AR scene as manta ray, hammer shark , great white & group of marine creature swimming around them which generated by our AR computer system in our Augmented Reality Hall

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