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The Consolidation Happening Today as seen by Gunabalan.

Locally, there seems to be two different worlds.
One that is officially sanctioned (print and Electronic Media) and one that is people oriented and based (social Media). Both are professing to tell the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth but their truth is not neutral.

It is Bipartisan.

Clearly, nothing in this present world is black and white anymore and That is Dangerous.
The fight for your faith and trust is over these imaginary Lines  drawn in the proverbial sand and we the people are expected to choose which side we want to be in.
Even in other spheres of local life; socially and culturally, race and  religion decisions is part and parcel of each and every conversation on how and why things that happen the way they happen.....happens.

We seem to be a nation divided by Reasoning and Frustration.   This cannot be good for us as a nation.

In other matters as well, it would appear that we are well into a period of extreme confusion where normal is no longer usual.

The status Quo is changing, and every time that happens; the people pay the price of becoming lost in the crowd of numbers if they are not aware of the coming changes.

They become the sacrife of a nation catching up with the world at large...

When we talk to the movers and shakers of Industry, they take pains to point out that Business Profits and Margins are down in almost every industry we regarded as strong earlier.

These days many young entrepreneurs are of the opinion that the usual business rules and waiting periods for returns on investments are all skewered.

Its all about survival in a high cost and high margin world for them. Basically its no more business as usual but money game days . (Money Games are defined as non Brick and Mortar related but more of Finance Related or Fast Returns Game).

In the Manufacturing  as well as Retail and Warehousing Industries for example, there is now a confluence of cross marketing and Retail that is happening quite seamlessly. The big GLC's  with their big tentacles (&overheads) are taking over down stream industry and business activity in their effort to stream line cross market income /revenue generation and this is very evident in how retailing, transport and warehousing is viewed by these big boys these days.

Its now come to companies re imagining its retail stores as entertainment hubs with a variety of interactive displays that will entice all segments of the family to visit more often and stay longer.

This search for innovations along the customer’s pathways will however, kill the smaller SMEs and SMIs. The trick will be to identify each segment’s unique paths and pain points and create tailored solutions rather than the one-size-fits-all approach that has characterized much of previous retailing consolidation in the past.

Within a few more years, if this current period of economic consolidation and deflation continues, its going to make many entrepreneurs give up on trying to be their own boss and just go back to being a worker.

It is periods like this that TRIBALISM starts to rear its ugly head in society and in the minds of the young bread winners.  Tribalism is the state of being organized in or an advocate for a tribe or tribes.
In terms of conformity, tribalism also refer in popular cultural terms to a way of thinking or behaving in which people are loyal to their own social group.

Basically, I personally fear we are fast losing sight of our path as one Nation.

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