Doris Pastry Cafe, Kota Laksamana.Melaka (06-288 8536)

  1. New Cake and Pastry Cafe located behind Bank Of China row in Kota Laksamana. 
  2. Its seems hidden in plain sight but is fast gaining a good reputation amongst the Facebook literate young crowd for its selection of pastry and choices of Moon cake varieties.
  3. The morning I was there with my Family, it was almost 3/4 full. 
  4. Mostly with the grandparents and young adults in tow testing out the special puppy chocolate mousse!
  5. Prices are on the high end for most cafe items but ambiance is geared towards open minimalistic style which seems to be favored by the crowd.
  6. Food is tasty but service can be confused especially if crowd is heavy. 
  7. Overall, if they survive the first year, they are on their way to being an open secret the locals go to for good pastry and Cakes!

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